01. Their house is [immense]; the biggest house I've ever been in!
02. An [immense] cloud of black smoke showed where the fire had destroyed a city block.
03. The Beatles were [immensely] popular in the 1960s and 70s.
04. Russia is an [immense] country, but much of it is uninhabited.
05. We enjoyed your party [immensely]; thank-you so much for inviting us.
06. The [immense] task of cleaning up our environment makes it seem almost impossible.
07. You will have an [immense] amount of homework next year when you start university.
08. One cannot quite comprehend the [immensity] of our universe.
09. Mountain-climbing is often dangerous, but it is also [immensely] exciting and stimulating.
10. The old king lived in an [immense] castle on the top of a hill.
11. It is incredible that thousands of years ago, people were able to build [immense] structures like the pyramids.
12. Blue whales are [immense] creatures, larger than any animal that has ever lived on the Earth, including the dinosaurs.
13. Anton Chekov wrote, "The Lord God has given us vast forests, [immense] fields, wide horizons; surely we ought to be giants, living in such a country as this."
14. Charles Baudelaire once observed that the priest is an [immense] being because he makes the crowd believe astonishing things.
15. Yousuf Karsh once noted, "I have found that great people do have in common an [immense] belief in themselves and in their mission."
16. Simone Schwarz-Bart once suggested that a country depends on the heart of men: it is minuscule if the heart is small, and [immense] if the heart is great.
17. Katherine Mansfield once stated that it is of [immense] importance to learn to laugh at ourselves.
18. John D. Rockefeller once noted that it is wrong to assume that men of [immense] wealth are always happy.
19. They were [immensely] proud of their son when he was accepted into medical school.
20. The geological evolution of our planet has proceeded according to uniform, gradual processes over an [immense] span of time.
21. He inherited an [immense] fortune, which he then increased by speculation.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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  • immense — [ i(m)mɑ̃s ] adj. • 1360 « total »; lat. immensus, de metiri « mesurer » → mesure 1 ♦ Didact. Qui n a ni bornes ni mesure. ⇒ illimité, infini. « À côté du vaste présent des peuples et de leur avenir immense » (Chateaubriand). 2 ♦ (1452) Cour.… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • immense — Immense. adj. de tout genre. Qui est sans bornes, sans mesure, dont l estenduë, la grandeur est infinie. En ce sens il ne se dit que de Dieu. Dieu est immense. c est un estre immense. sa bonté immense. Il signifie aussi, Qui est d une grandeur… …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

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  • immense — I adjective boundless, broad, bulky, capacious, colossal, endless, enormous, exorbitant, extremely large, far reaching, gigantic, grandiose, gross, huge, illimitable, immeasurable, innumerable, mammoth, massive, monumental, mountainous, myriad,… …   Law dictionary

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